How to safeguard your Password and Payment PIN

Keep your Password and PIN safe and secure always

Do not reveal to or share your Password and Payment PIN with anyone. Always remember to lock your mobile phone with a Passcode or security features.

Call our Customer Service Centre when:

  • You lost your mobile phone if you have activated 1PAY E-Wallet
  • You suspect your ONECARD is lost/stolen/misplaced
  • You received SMS notification on your ONECARD on an unauthorised 1Pay transaction

At the Point of Transaction at Outlet

  • Remember to take back your ONECARD after completing a transaction. Ensure that the ONECARD belongs to you when it is returned.
  • Ensure not to authorise or ask others to key in Payment PIN on your mobile phone or 1PAY terminal on your behalf.
  • Pay special attention to SMS transaction alerts from ONECARD, which will be sent for all 1Pay transactions performed using your ONECARD

Transaction history and updated contact details

Check your transaction history

Check your transaction history on 1 Utama SuperApp, ONECARD website or 1 Utama E-Kiosk to reconcile it with your transaction slips/transactions performed and authorised by you. If you discover any discrepancy, contact our Customer Service Centre immediately.

Update us with your latest contact details

Notify ONECARD of any changes in mailing address, email address or contact number to allow us to contact you promptly for verification of transactions.

Remember 1 Utama Customer Service Centre numbers

Keep our Customer Service Centre numbers for emergency reporting such aslost/stolen/misplaced cards or unauthorised transactions.

Good practices to protect yourself online

  • Create unique password that cannot be easily guessed.
  • Always type out the link/URL address when you are visiting ONECARD website or any Internet account. Do not simply click on email links.
  • If you are logging into a secure site, the website address will change from "http://" to https://. You should also look out for the security icon which is a lock or a key.
  • Keep your computer systems up-to-date with the latest anti-virus software.
  • Never reveal your personal information in an email, even if the recipient is someone close to you.
  • Avoid software claiming to "auto-complete" your online forms. These kinds of software give scammers a chance to easily access your personal and sensitive information.
  • Always ensure that you only key in Payment PIN for your intended transaction(s).
  • Always contact ONECARD if you discover any irregular/suspicious activities in your account(s).
  • Always log out when you have finished your ONECARD or 1Pay transaction and clear your cache immediately.
  • Take reasonable steps to keep your electronic devices such as laptop, computer or mobile phone secure at all times.